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Friday, 17 February 2012

Past Projects

Here are a few of my completed projects so far; more are on the way with progress shots and instructions.

 This is a stainless steel chainmail overlay on a tough leather bracer salvaged from an old quiver.

 It's probably the first thing I've made that I'm truly proud of.

 This is one of many dice bags I've made over the years. If you have a comic or gaming shop near you, these can be sold for $15 - $35 depending on their size, material and market for them. Hopefully the owners don't need any convincing, but if they're unsure about buying them for re-sale, suggest selling them on consignment.

 The bags themselves are cheap to make, especially if you have a mandril and metallic wire to make your own with. More on that later, though.

 Here we have two jars of flavoured vodka (dark coffee and cinnamon) and a 5 gallon bucket of homebrewed beer. Homebrewing is my current obsession. I've got a batch of honey mead on the go right now. Again, more on that in the coming days.

 My latest batch of beer, a Canadian Pilsner. It ought to be finished today, I'll be making a tasting video for YouTube tonight.

That's it for projects from the recent past. Stick around for future projects. I'm currently working on a full length chainmail hauberk and, as strange as it sounds, a chain scarf. More to come.

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  1. I LOVE the chain bag! Is there a tutorial on that? I want to make one for own personal use, and I really think my husband would enjoy one as well! Any tips on how to make it would be greatly appreciated!